Emotionally Focused Therapy – EFT – supports couples and families to re-build relationships, based on security and acceptance so that they may contend with the challenging demands of modern life.

K. Polichroni

Emotionally Focused Therapy

EFT is an emotionally focused approach to couple and family psychotherapy. It is a therapeutic model that focuses on feelings as the driving force in our lives. Especially for couples, it has developed into an internationally acclaimed therapeutic approach.

EFT has theoretical roots in the Systemic Approach and relies on it to map and examine the patterns of communication and behavior among partners. Simultaneously EFT draws on the Theory of Attachment to establish a basis for understanding the needs of adult love relationships and applies several, specific techniques of Experiential Therapy. Essentially EFT is a therapeutic model that combines and encompasses three approaches: the Theory of Attachment, the Intrapersonal – Experiential and the Interpersonal – Systemic approach.

EFT was developed in the beginning of the 1980s by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg. Since then, Sue Johnson developed the model further and today it presents a concise, structured approach to couples’ therapy. It includes 9 steps in 3 stages, covered in 12-20 sessions.
The EFT therapist helps the couple understand how each partner contributes to and participates in their recurring, negative interaction pattern, the “negative dance” that leads to insecurity, disappointment, tension and distance. Then, the therapist assists the couple to co-create a positive, secure and intimate bond.

The effectiveness and validity of EFT is supported by significant research

There has been considerable scientific research on EFT: positive results occur with strong consistency while the percentage of relapse after therapy is less than in other therapeutic models. It is effective on many couples even those with psychological or physical symptom.

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