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EFT Greece, in close collaboration with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), offers a variety of training opportunities for mental care professionals who are interested in either developing their skills in couple and family therapy, or in specializing to become certified EFT therapists.
The training program is designed according to ICEEFT, certification standards and both training and supervision are provided by EFT Certified Trainers and Supervisors.


Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (Four-Day – 30 hours) is is the First level of EFT training and is prerequisite for becoming a Certified EFT therapist.

It teaches mental health professionals the fundamental clinical skills necessary in becoming competent EFT couples therapists.
It offers lectures, practical experience in clinical skills, observation of videotaped or /and live therapy sessions as well as study and discussion of particular clinical cases and bibliography.

General Objectives

To enhance participants so they may:

  • acquire a distinct understanding of the fundamental Systemic principles and  of the Experiential approach in Emotionally Focused Therapy – EFT.
  • perceive a couple’s distress and the healing of their relationship in terms of Attachment Theory and emotions.
  • assist partners in reassessing those emotional responses that maintain the distress in their relationship.
  •  help partners shape new patterns of interaction and create positive moments of connection.
  • develop the expertise to work through therapeutic blocks with couples.

Who may attend?

The Externship is recommended to all professionals who counsel couples, to marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, family physicians, psychiatric nurses, counselors and students training in these professions.

Participants are encouraged to read “Creating Connection: The practice of EFT” before entering the Externship.


Core Skills Training

Core Skills is the second level of EFT training and is also prerequisite for becoming a Certified EFT therapist.

Core Skills training is carried out in small groups (around 12 persons) and is designed to advance the clinical skills required in the 9 steps of EFT. It enhances deeper understanding of and further involvement in the EFT model through active participation and personal guidance from the trainer.

It combines training information, practical exercises, real life demonstration of a couple’s session as well as supervision and counseling for specific trainee cases.

Training is completed in four, 2-day events, lasting 12 hours each. They are organized every three or four months throughout one academic year.

In order to participate in Core Skills Training applicants are required to have completed an EFT Externship and be able to present their own work with either a video or audio tape presentation.


In order to complete training and receive EFT Therapist Certification, supervision is necessary.

EFT/EFFT supervision is offered by Certified EFT Supervisors / Trainers and can be arranged on an individual or group basis (maximum 3 persons).

Apart from “face to face” supervision, supervision through teleconference is also possible. Group Supervision is available in Core Skills Advance Training programs too.

For certification there is a minimum requirement of 8 supervisory sessions.

The key principles of EFT Clinical Supervision are:

  • the development of a positive working relationship with the supervisor – safety enhances learning
  •  the benefit of simulated therapy sessions where the supervisor actively illustrates EFT interventions (e.g. demonstrates  how to effectively use the language of attachment and nonverbal expression of feelings in EFT).
  • the motivation of the trainee and his practice through the presentation of videotaped therapy sessions, the study of transcripts or / and role-playing.

Each trainee’s guidance is coherent, consistent, encouraging and according on their level of learning.

Specific traits are highlighted for study and improvement of therapeutic skills.


One-day or two-day workshops on the practice of EFT in couple and family therapy are organized regularly throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on specific issues like addiction, trauma, infidelity and the therapist’s personal development.

Trainers are distinguished specialists from abroad.


EFT Certification

To become a certified therapist one’s professional practice of the EFT model must be officially recognized by the International Center of Excellence for Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

The primary objectives of certification are to promote excellence in EFT and EFFT practice and to ensure the upholding of EFT principles in both supervision and training.



Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Families

  • A post-graduate degree in a relevant discipline / mental health fields such as Social Work, Psychology, Education, Counseling, Couples and Family Therapy.
  • Completion of two graduate courses on the practice of couples/family therapy at a registered institution or equivalent.
  • Membership in a recognized professional association, such as EFTA, AAMFT……
  • Current clinical therapy practice (must include couples and/or families).

Note: Head of Greek EFT Network Mrs Kyriaki Polychroni, is one of the 50 Certified EFT Trainers in the world.

The Greek EFT Network is the only Institute in Greece that can provide EFT Therapist Training.

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