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  • A 4day EXTERNSHIP Training in EFT, by Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr Sam Junich, will take place in Madrid -Spain (18-21/4/2018). You can register your participation  here. The training is organised by the International Centre of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Thepary.


    Learning Objectives

    Participants will:

    Identify each partner’s attachment style and how to view relationship distress through an Attachment lens and to focus their attention on attachment needs and longings.

    The Nine Steps and Three Stages of EFT.

Learn and practice basic EFT interventions for working with emotion (i.e. reflection, validation, evocative responding, empathic conjecture and heightening.).

Attune to the emotions of their clients to explore, heighten and expand underlying vulnerable emotions.

Identify the negative cycle of the couple and practice how to track the sequences of interaction that perpetuate couple’s distress.

How to use Enactments to facilitate safe emotional disclosure and mutual acceptance between partners.

Understand the steps toward resolving attachment injuries and creating forgiveness.