Do you have difficulty with challenging clients that never seem to be making progress?
Cases where the process of reconnecting is very chaotic and complicated?
Where do you start doubting yourself as a therapist?

“In this presentation we will focus on working with couples with personality problems. The diagnosis ‘personality disorder’ can be understood as the result of multiple traumatic experiences together with insecure attachment. In a couple, one or both partners can have difficulty regulating emotions, a problem resulting from (earlier) emotional neglect and/or abuse. In couples with this type of behavior, emotional connection is longed for and at the same time felt as too dangerous. Often there is a pattern of disorganized attachment. The partner is experienced as either too close or too distant. This leads to highly reactive emotions, and a loss of mentalizing capacity.

We will look at ways to help these struggling couples through EFT. If done with diligence and a slow and steady pace, EFT helps to regulate their intense interaction. Working with personality problems demands patience and trust in the model and the process. We will help guide you in staying on track when it comes to muddled emotions.

We will look at how we can help clients:

  • regulate their intense emotions
  • stay in their window of tolerance
  • mentalize their emotions

We will also look at the challenges for the therapist in staying hopeful and remaining within their own window of tolerance.”

Note: You will benefit more from this Webinar if you have completed an EFT Externship


Karin Wagenaar, LMFT, Certified EFT Trainer, ICEEFT

Karin Wagenaar is a Clinical Psychologist, Couple and Family Psychotherapist in the Netherlands. She works in private practice as a Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. She trains in the Netherlands and in many countries abroad.

For many years, she served as Clinical Director of an Inpatient Clinic for clients with personality disorders and worked with Mentalization Based Treatment in psychotherapy groups, and with EFT in couple groups. She is also a Psychodrama Therapist and a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in training.

Karin is on the faculty of the Dutch Psychotherapy Training Institute where she teaches Systems Therapy. She is the Founder and Chair of the Dutch Foundation for EFT. She is an ICEEFT Board member.

Karin is the author of several articles on couples and of the book “Relaties, hoe doe je dat?” (Relationships, how is it done?) which is also translated in Hungarian.

Jeroen Bakker, Clinical Therapist, Certified EFT Therapist, ICEEFT

Jeroen Bakker is Systems Therapist, Psychotherapist, now working in private practice. He has worked in a clinic for Personality Problems for more than a decade. He is certified in EFT, and a supervisor in psychotherapy.

Cost: 40€
Simultaneous translation to Greek is provided.


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