Research shows that intimate partner violence is rather frequent, even more so in couples seeking couple therapy. However, the subject of violence often remains hidden for the therapist. Or due to contraindication couples seeking therapy are refused unless a primary treatment of the violence.

The vision of this workshop is that, in many couples, the underlying strong, heavy negative interaction patterns are paramount in the violence. These patterns form a challenge for many therapists in working with these couples. However, sometimes the violence between the partners is subject of the therapeutic process. In that case it is remarkable that these couples mostly want us, therapists, to work towards a safer relationship where they can stay together and where the violence stops.

How can this be approached when violence is often seen as a contraindication for couple’s therapy and EFT? Based on new scientific knowledge about intimated partner violence and their experience, Lieven and Jef worked together to come to a better understanding of this difficult relational drama.

In this workshop we introduce a roadmap how we can understand intimated partner violence from an attachment point of view. And how we can use EFT in helping these couples to fight for a better connection.

Please note that you will benefit more from this training if you have completed the EFT Externship.

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The Trainers: Lieven Migerode MA, MFT Lieven Migerode is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified EFT Trainer/Supervisor and the Founder of EFT Belgium. He has published articles on the subject of partner violence and love, and recently the second edition of his book "Hoe blijf je gelukkig in je relatie. Tielt: Lannoo" - "I love you: how to stay happy in your relationship" was published. Jef Slootmaeckers ΜΑ, MFT Jef Slootmaeckers is a Social Worker, Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer in training. He has been working for 14 years on the subject of partner violence. He specializes in EFT and couple violence and over the last years he has trained several teams in working with highly reactive and violent couples. Together with Lieven they have published several articles about partner violence and couple therapy.

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